Claudia Senoner

May 15, 2017.

Posted by Nisa Nur Sayan.

Claudia Senoner, March 2017

Claudia Senoner is a performer and choreographer from Germany who stayed with us during March 2017. She has worked as a dancer, soloist and teacher in theatres and ballet schools. She has also worked a lot with musicians and composers on various kinds of music for movements in Germany. Now she works as a freelance choreographer for her own art since many years and also as a teacher for dance. Claudia’s purpose to come here was to go away from her normal work and focus only on here own art. Then she started looking at the subject of water and was then inspired by an Icelandic book of the name ”H2O” from 1974. She created a choreography on seeing how the body liquids are moving as a soft and hard. It is also about discovering the environment and the landscape in the body by Icelandic inspiration. As a result, she focused solely on movements which she hasn’t worked in the last two years. She was also inspired by the other artists at the Fish Factory and by old Icelandic folklore. She made lots of drawings and recorded a different kind of sound from the outside. After her residency, Claudia will be working on her performance project which she will do in July in Germany. You can find more detail about her in the interview below.

//More of Claudia’s Artwork//

Check out the interview about her stay here:


Thank you, Claudia!