Eunhong Kang

June 16, 2017.

Posted by Nisa Nur Sayan.

Eunhong Kang, April 2017

Eunhong Kang is a visual artist from South Korea who stayed with us during April 2017. She lives and studies in London. She usually ventures to confront important the social and political issues of our time, which is the
 rising tide of neo-isolationism, populism and protectionism in the world against the problems
 caused by indiscriminate globalisation; unemployment, terror and polarisation between rich 
and poor. Especially, She uses ‘The
 alienation effect’ that aims to make the familiar seem strange, to show everything in a fresh
 and unfamiliar light. Because this enables the audiences to be brought to look critically at everything
 even if people has already taken something for granted. Through these works, She wants 
audiences to remain objective and distant from emotional involvement so that people could 
make considered and rational judgements about any social comment or issues in her work.

Artwork by Eunhong Kang, April 2017

Her purpose of the stay with us was to find a new inspiration and recall nature. She minimised the information indirectly obtained through the media and work through direct research through the five senses. She wanted to collect the ever-changing nature of Iceland as the impressionists did any express her feelings and thoughts from her own observation. Then, she created her sculptures by the new inspiration. Eventually, She blended her sculptures in photographs with nature of Iceland.

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 Thank you, Eunhong!