Susan Wood

April 5, 2018.

Posted by Julia Kukkonen.

Susan Wood // February 2018

Susan Wood is an artist from Scotland who joined us at the Fish Factory for the third time this February. She has a recurring project to spend a month in each of the four seasons in here at Stöðvarfjöður. At the end of her fourth visit, she will make an art project about all her visits and based on the experiences of different seasons in East Iceland.

This February was her winter visit and she spent the time walking around in nature, taking photos of the rapidly changing sky and making artworks inspired by the winter nature. She was especially interested in contrasting the darkness and lack of living beings of the winter with the opposite. While in the residency Susan made a body of work titled “Winter Flowers” exploring this contrast in a surreal manner. Her endless interest and the main material for her artworks is the seaweed she collects on her walks along the beach.

Susan’s notebook and photos of some of her sculptures // February 2018.

Also, as she uses a variety of different mediums, Susan spent time in here making some linoleum cuts, drawings and other sculptures with found objects.


//More of Susan’s Work//

Check out the interview here:

Thank you and see you again in Autumn time, Susan!