Valentin Russo

May 8, 2018.

Posted by Julia Kukkonen.


Valentin Russo // February – April 2018.

Valentin Russo is a French photographer who joined us here at the Fish Factory for three months from February to April 2018. Valentin came to Stöðvarfjörður to make an extended photography project about the hidden and not overly photographed sides of Iceland.

while your sleeping6 while your sleeping5

The final piece of the three-month-long project was a photography book called While You Are Sleeping. The title of the book came from a local who considers the village being a sleeping town. Valentin found his inspiration in that and thinks that the nights in here are not solely dedicated to sleep.

So while in the residency, Valentin was mostly walking around the village and taking photos of the activities happening in the night time. He was especially interested in playing with flashlights and an infrared camera during the dark hours of the night. He wanted to disclose the things hiding in the darkness, blur the line between the real and imaginary.


Photographs from the series Valentin was working on in the residency // Valentin Russo 2018.


//More of Valentin’s Work//

 Check out the interview here:

Thank you, Valentin!