Nikolina Kovalenko

October 5, 2018.

Posted by Irmak Dönmez.

Nikolina Kovalenko // September 2018

Nikolina Kovalenko attended Fish Factory residency in September 2018 where she was working on a series of paintings titled “Guardians Of Northern Lights”, processing and interpreting Icelandic sagas and legends through the visual landscape and cultural associations.

She is interested in humanity’s vanishing connection with Nature and strives to expose the consequences our everyday actions have on the environment. Kovalenko works with fragile ecosystems creating artwork inspired by locations specific to each project.

This series explores the symbolism of textures found in Nature, magnifying the mundane and transforming it into the sublime. The artist chose aluminium as a painting surface to convey the austerity, endurance and subtle glory of Iceland—a vast volcanic laboratory tamed by the ocean.

Nikolina Kovalenko received her MFA from Moscow Surikov Art Institute (Moscow, Russia) in 2011 and studied at Universität der Künste (Berlin) in 2010. Her work has been reviewed in art blogs, newspapers and magazines and is in numerous corporate and private collections worldwide. The artist currently lives and works in New York City.



Nikolina Kovalenko // September 2018

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