Laura Nygren

August 9, 2019.

Posted by Assi Piironen.

Laura Nygren // July 2019
Laura Nygren // July 2019

Laura Nygren is an American musician based in Amsterdam, Holland, who spent the month of July here at the Fish Factory.  She is a contrabass player and an electrical musician as well. Laura wanted to come to Fish Factory art residency to write music and find more ways to combine her voice with contrabass, so it would be one more comprehensive thing. She also wanted to find a calm place to sit down and focus on music, what she loves.

She got an opportunity to work in Studio Silo for the first two weeks, which just opened in June 2019. This studio is the only facility in Iceland that specialises in analog tape recording. The entire facility is designed by Acoustics Engineer John H. Brandt from Texas, USA and the Studio is situated on the upper floor of Creative Centre.  During Laura´s residency stay, she got to play in Studio Silo Live sessions, and do an unexpected collaboration with an Icelandic singer and a songwriter JFDR. During her residency time, Laura wrote six songs and had amazing adventures. She got inspired by watching other artists work, and saw the process behind it. How did every artwork grow from a small seed to its own piece?

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Thank you, Laura!