Mareiwa Miller

August 9, 2019.

Posted by Assi Piironen.

Mareiwa Miller // July 2019
Mareiwa Miller // July 2019

Mareiwa is a French-Columbian artist based in San Francisco. Fish Factory – Creative Centre of Stöðvarfjörður was her first art residency experience, and it was an amazing place to execute that. She spent the summer month of July here between the mountains in the east-fjords. Mareiwa came to develop some existing art ideas, and to make a summer-research. During her residency stay, she got the feeling of isolation which gave her time to think, try new things and materials and just have fun while exploring. Mareiwa was developing her ideas for paintings, and she made ceramic parts to hold one of them.  She used metal for the first time in her sculpture. While her residency time she devoted herself to researching, emptying the head and focusing on the object she was working on at that moment.

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