Christine Dewancker

November 14, 2019.

Posted by Assi Piironen.

Christine Dewancker // November 2019

Christine Dewancker is an artist from Canada currently living in Toronto, Ontario. Christine was at the Fish Factory for one month in November. Her work is site-specific, responding to the ecological, historical and social conditions that inform and produce a place. She was inspired by the vastness of the landscape here and what made a resounding impression on her was the way the sense of scale and perspective are affected by this landscape. She went on many bike rides exploring the surrounding area and was overwhelmed by the strong impression of interconnectedness yet insignificance she felt being in close proximity to the mountains and ocean.

During her time here Christine did a series of drawings directly in the landscape, primarily in a valley between two mountain ranges. Through these markings, she played with scale and perspective, of both the markings themselves and the landscape which they become a part of. She wanted to show the same forms in the land from multiple perspectives, and having aerial shots allowed her to obscure the scale of these drawings. These pictures were taken from roughly 200 feet high and at that height, the landscape becomes abstracted and the markings made in the snow have new relationships.

The other aspect of Christine’s time here that made a big impression on her was how quickly and drastically the weather could change within a day or even the span of an hour. She was drawn to how these changes could be reflected in the surface patterns of the water along the shoreline. Being surrounded by water, this element of the landscape shapes life here in many ways. The videos are an impression of time and place through the element of water. They offer a very small and in a way abstracted section of the ocean and the movements of a system (weather patterns, local conditions) that she encountered throughout her time here.

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