Nick Rasmussen

November 14, 2019.

Posted by Assi Piironen.

Nick Rasmussen // November 2019

Nick Rasmussen is a visual artist and wedding photographer from the United States, and is currently based in the state of Indiana. Nick studied at the Fish Factory – Creative Centre of Stöðvarfjöður for one month in November 2019, creating photographs and compiling time-lapses of the landscapes there to use as part of a larger, ongoing study of mankind’s connection to nature. During his time at the Fish Factory, Nick spent his days and nights capturing images and videos, using whatever light source he could find. His work portrays a dream-like sensation he believes is experienced most often in striking, desolate spaces like Iceland, which is shown through minimalistic photos with a combination of landscapes, architecture, light, and occasionally, humans. Nick has been to Iceland twice before, and was drawn back as a result of this dream-like sensation he experienced at his first residency last November in Iceland, and the peacefulness that comes with winter here. In Stöðvarfjöður, he is currently working on creating a second book of fine-art images about the relationship between various spaces and elements, a short-film about nature and technology, and a video installation about virtually experiencing nature and the negative effects that come with that.

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