March 24, 2020.

Posted by Mary Buckland.

Jo Photo
Jo // March 2020

Jo is a musician based in Berlin (DEU). She puzzles crooked tone songs from field recordings. In each of her songs she deeply steps into the world of her sound sources and discovers her own musical terrain by falling in love with hidden and dirty sounds, shaping them sensitively and developing a unique feeling for combining them.

Jo has a strong connection to Iceland. Here, she began her musical project during a trip in 2017, simply because she was not in the mood to shoot stunning Icelandic landscape photos. Instead, she recorded sounds and travelled Iceland with her ears to make one song out of the sounds.

Unexpectedly, Jo has made many more songs since then, released them, and has started to perform her music on stage. For live performances, Jo developed the glasambel. This unique instrument allows her to present her music in her very own way.

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