Lilien Li

May 21, 2020.

Posted by Mary Buckland.

Lilien Li // March & April 2020

Lilien Li is an artist from Hong Kong who celebrated her graduation from the University of Edinburgh and RMIT University with a two-month artist residency retreat. Lilien engages in her practice articulating contemporary context with her focus on the perception of time/space. While she collaborates with multi-medium, her works are transforming her temporal, spatial and cultural sensitivities into diverse forms of art, including installation and conceptual pieces. Her works have been exhibited internationally in Hong Kong, Scotland, South Korea, Australia and Taiwan.

During her residency, Lilien spent most of her time in the Icelandic landscape. With an interest in phenomenology, she attempted to magnify her sensation of time/space through immersing into nature. She developed a photographic series informed by walking and installations, reflecting on her surrounding and personal situations.

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