Gerda van de Glind

November 9, 2021.

Posted by Monika Plemen.

Gerda van de Glind // October 2021
Gerda van de Glind // October 2021
Gerda van de Glind is a writer based in The Netherlands. She works for different art magazines, websites and art spaces. At the Fish Factory, she has been working on a project of her own.
“Since my graduation from art school I have been working in the field of contemporary art and I’ve been collecting these surreal stories along the way. Stories about artists, scientists, writers, pioneers and other imaginative people. Stories about future libraries, cosmic arcs, singing glaciers and an enormous wheatfield in the middle of New York. These stories almost sound like fiction, but have actually been brought to life by real people because they sensed it was possible. To me they all echo the same creative spirit through space and time. I came to Stöðvarfjörður to weave all these stories together in a new tale that shines a humble light on the importance of imagination in our society.”
“The Fish Factory was the perfect place to work on this project, and to try out some ceramics and other studio’s when I got stuck in my head too much during writing. I also really enjoyed being outside a lot, as the surrounding landscape echoes something of the same power I can experience when hearing these surreal stories or seeing mesmerizing artwork. I’ve had an absolutely wonderful time that I will never forget, and I look forward to build further on the project at home, and hopefully returning here one day with a finished story to tell. Una, Vincent & Monika: thank you so much for everything!”
Gerda, it was a pleasure having you with us! :)