Joe Hemming

November 11, 2021.

Posted by Monika Plemen.

Joe Hemming // October 2021
Joe Hemming // October 2021

Based in the UK, Joe Hemming is an artist working in a variety of media including printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture.

“I came to the residency with an open plan and to let my experiences and surroundings influence my work. I spent time walking in the hills and became interested in the idea of deep time geology and felt inspired by the large stones and rock piles in the area. I became interested in how these inanimate objects almost take on a living presence and bare witness to chance encounters in the ancient landscape. 

I spent time in the studio drawing with pastels, allowing myself to loosen up and create abstract landscapes and drawings of sculptural forms inhabiting the landscape. I also used the wood workshop to create wooden sculptures, taking an experimental approach to turning wood on the lathe. 

I had such an enjoyable time at the Fish Factory and that was down to shared experiences with lovely people and the warmth and creative freedom of the place.”

Thank you, Joe!