Susan Wood

November 2, 2021.

Posted by Monika Plemen.

Susan Wood // September 2021
Susan Wood // September 2021

Susan Wood is a Scottish artist, now living in Gateshead in the north-east of England. Her first Residency at the Fish Factory was in March 2017. Having decided to do four Residencies, in order to experience the different seasons in the east Fjords, this is her fourth and final month in the series.

Inspired by nature, beachcombing, and found objects, she creates unconventional weavings, and assemblages. The aim is to hold a Cabinet of Curiosities exhibition in Gateshead, including weaving, linocuts, woodcuts, knitting, and further developments of her experiments with low-firing glass paints applied to float glass and mirror glass. The interdisciplinary approach will highlight the many different sources of inspiration, from kelp and mountain silhouettes to a dead whale founded beached at the end of the fjord.

Thank you, Susan!

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