Daisy Brown

May 23, 2022.

Posted by Nika Senica.

Daisy Brown // April 2022

Daisy Brown is a multidisciplinary artist from London, UK, specialising in cameraless photography. During her residency stay in April, she spent time using sustainable chemical processes with as minimal labour as possible to document light and immediate reactions to space. Being interested in light, which is in abundance this time of year in East Iceland, Daisy documented the fleeting movements and refractions bouncing around the Fish Factory.

“I spent my time at the factory chaotically juggling idea after idea, energised by the artists, the malleability of the factory to suit my needs, and the opportunity to have dedicated time towards my practice. During the month, I nurtured techniques and skills I hadn’t had the time to explore throughout my degree, producing lumen prints, pinhole cameras, DIY developers, fixatives (using seawater from the fjord), pigment from minerals (skillfully taught to me by Ayelet) and ceramics, alongside lino, mono and collagraph printing.


I found myself with the same fascination as most creatives who come here; I was constantly perplexed by the landscape and ecology, wanting to collect, learn and explore. As a result, a lot of my time was spent outside, going on long walks and cycles, attempting to map Stöðvarfjörður. I would gather moss, minerals and anything I could find, trying to piece together artefacts in an attempt to understand further where I was living and weave these into the new processes I was learning. 

The Fish Factory is an incredibly healing, reinvigorating space which offers freedom to explore your practice within a bustling environment alongside other creatives. It was a huge privilege to be part of the residency program and be given time, access, and the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with nature and my practice.”

Daisy´s interview:

Thank you Daisy!<3