Zoe Power

May 31, 2022.

Posted by Nika Senica.

Zoe Power // April 2022

Zoë Power is a multi-disciplinary artist, working in the fields of illustration, print and typography. She spent her time at the Factory cutting out lino and printing in our print workshop. She made multiple prints of her signature style figures. Graduating from Multidisciplinary Print Media and with a love of craft and typography, Zoë studied traditional signwriting and frequently works with individuals and creative teams to make their businesses look more beautiful.

 Currently, Zoë is involved in several community arts projects across the UK, working with local residents and organisations to bring art to the wider community.


Zoe´s interview:

See more of her work here: https://www.zoepower.com/zoe-power-home

Thank you Zoe!<3