Candide Turner-Bridger

June 12, 2023.

Posted by Vid Levar.

“I describe myself as an eco artist, because my work tries to raise the profile of the earth and climate change issues. By doing earth painting workshops where we forage for local soils and materials, and make our found pigments into paint. My aim is to show the earth in a new light, that the earth beneath our feet is a live organism not just dirt. We are totally dependent on the ‘skin of the earth’.


I managed to teach earth painting skills in the local school, and they made a phenomenal piece of work, out of the materials from their own town. It was important to me to give back to Stöðvarfjörður for all the beautiful pigments I found here.

I have loved my stay here, and would recommend staying for at least 2 months. It has provided me with the luxury of time away from home distractions, and enabled me to expand creatively. The atmosphere has been generous and friendly, with a lot of sharing of skills, from baking to IT help! It has lead to a freedom to experiment in the wide array of well equipped workshops here.”

Candide, we hope you enjoyed your stay here. :)

Take a look at her website!

Thanks,  Candide!