Selena Unger

June 16, 2023.

Posted by Vid Levar.

Selena Unger is a multi-disciplinary artist currently based on Vancouver Island, Canada. She creates ceramic and paper mache sculptures, drawings, paintings, poetry, and installations.


Her work explores psychological phenomena as well as philosophical queries in a playful and colourful way that invites viewers to engage curiously in her chimerical constructions.


While at the Factory Selena worked on various sculptural projects creating a series of ceramic pieces titled Gastropoda, as well as two paper mache sculptures that explored dream symbols and mythical beings with connection to the location.

In addition to these projects, she also collaborated with a fellow artist in residence, Jikke Lesterhuis, by comprising a poem to accompany her animation titled “Wind Dwellers.”

For more of Selena’s work visit her website:

or follow her on instagram @selena.unger

Thank you, Selena! :)