Eve Gittins

June 20, 2023.

Posted by Vid Levar.

Eve is a visual artist from Rotherham, now based in Manchester. While at the Fish Factory, she explored Icelandic folklore and embodied creatures such as the Huldufólk by creating masks and incorporating local and natural materials into a full-body outfit.


She is fascinated by masks and performance, and she brought the roots of ancient stories alive through this medium. She created with paper mache, as working with such a simple material as paper represents to her a therapeutic process.

She hand-sculpted a few ceramic pieces and dipped them in a rusty-looking alligator glaze. The pieces were shipped home in a banana box (FRAGILE!). The masks she made were tried on by fellow artists walking about the fjord hilltops, perhaps hoping for the Huldufólk to descend from the misty mountains of Stöðvarfjörður.

Check more of her work on her website: https://www.evegittins.com/

or follow her on Ig: ewegittins

Thanks, Eve! :)