Gabe Duggan

June 20, 2023.

Posted by Vid Levar.

We are introducing Gabe Duggan, an artist whose works bridge the realms of creativity and emotion. Gabe’s creations move boundaries, as they invite us to look at ordinary things with different eyes. Gabe’s versatility is shown through different mediums and techniques, and textile and technology provide a reliable foundation for Gabe’s work.


While at the Fish Factory, Gabe created a temporary installation in collaboration with the environment. Gabe’s recent work (WAS HERE, 2022; RECOHERE, 2021) was constructed of a synthetic, ballistic material, but in Stöðvarfjörður, Gabe worked with a naturally biodegradable material, cotton. Gabe drew large-scale lines across the land, which formed the word VISKUBIT.


One month of tedious but therapeutic work has ended with us walking about the cotton lines and following the direction of the letters, which are still imprinted into the fjord’s raw vegetation. The whole layout can be observed with a drone or even by satellite. The letters are slowly disappearing as the summer will soon end and snow will cover the banks where Gabe walked, thus ending the work whose self-destruction was the core impetus for its creation in the first place.

Visit her website for more of her work: w

Thanks, Gabe!