Susan Singer

October 23, 2023.

Posted by Vid Levar.

Susan Singer is a writer and an artist. The first time she landed in Keflavik was in 2014. That inspired her to sign up for different residencies, where she worked with photography and with pastels. At the Fish Factory, she experimented with watercolour, and she worked plein air as much as possible, taking inspiration from beautiful surroundings.


“I arrived not knowing what I would do during my month at the Fish Factory, but, within hours, I was settling in creating art unlike anything I’d ever done before. I have always worked super-realistically, but at the Fish Factory this month, I moved towards abstraction.


I began to parse the complexities of Icelandic landscapes into lines and angles and compositions. I moved into a very meditative space and worked in the spirit of the stillness and silence of the Icelandic Nature. I’m so grateful for the time I had there to explore this new direction and for the beauty of the setting to give me so much more to paint!”

Visit her instagram and her facebook for more of her work!

Thank you, Susan! :)