Madeleine Aleman

November 10, 2023.

Posted by Vid Levar.

Madeleine Aleman is a visual artist from Malmö, Sweden. She stayed with us in the month of September 2023. Since 2012, her art practice focuses mainly on drawing, printmaking, and performance. Aleman is strongly influenced by psychology and spirituality. Hypnagogic states and dreams are important sources of inspiration.

“During my residency stay, I was totally overwhelmed by the mountains, the clouds, and the fjord. In the studio, I worked with printmaking and made monotypes.

I used a method in which I painted directly on the printing plate. The result from one print is what brought the process forward, as I kept painting on the same plate without cleaning it in between prints. What’s left of the old print has formed traces of the past in the ones that follow. Like memories. Like dreams. A way to search beyond and dare to get lost.”

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Thank you, Madeleine! :)