Sarah Steiner

February 21, 2024.

Posted by Kris Madejski.

Sarah Steiner stands as a vibrant testament to the boundless possibilities of musical exploration.

Hailing from the iconic city of Mozart, Salzburg, her roots are deeply entrenched in the rich soils of classical music. However, Sarah’s artistic journey is anything but conventional. With a spirit that refuses to be confined, she embodies the essence of a musical adventurer, constantly on the quest for new horizons.

Sarah’s approach to music is characterized by an insatiable curiosity and a fearless willingness to experiment. Her work in the Fish Factory serves as a creative crucible where her classical training and an unbridled passion for innovation converge. Here, she delves into the intricate dance between live music and music production, weaving together diverse genres into a cohesive, vibrant tapestry.

Thank you Sarah! :)