Morvern Graham

March 1, 2024.

Posted by Kris Madejski.

Morvern is an illustrator, storyteller and visual artist from Scotland. Her most recent work has seen her exploring her Scandinavian heritage, and diving into the world of folktales and mythology. Primarily working in traditional printmaking, Morvern’s work promotes the use of heritage crafts and manual methods.


I began my residency at the Fish Factory working on early development for a new book; taking inspiration from the surrounding landscape and the relationship between the wild seas and atmospheric skies of Stöðvarfjörður. Between time spent in the studio, I also spent many days hiking around the mountain areas, making field recordings, filling my sketchbook, collecting rocks and looking out for trolls!

In addition, I ended up undertaking a spontaneous ceramics project, after being inspired by the colours and textures of the mossy tussocks which cover the hills above the fjord; a collection of ceramic figures emerged, inspired by the folklore of the Huldufólk from Icelandic mythology.

I relished the sense of creative freedom I had whilst I was at the Factory, and it was wonderful to just explore all the avenues of random ideas I normally have to set aside in everyday life. It was a magical month of creative productivity, and I hope to be back one day!


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