Aoife Claffey

June 11, 2024.

Posted by Kris Madejski.

Aoife Claffey is an installation artist based in Cork, Ireland.


She explores human sensory perception in immersive environments, influenced by her interest in human behaviorand the physical exploration of site-specific provisional spaces. She creates installations by combining mediums such as interactive projections, reflective found objects, lighting, printmaking, and surround sound.

During the residency in Iceland, I had the opportunity to dedicate significant time and space to my practice. Immersing myself in the ever-changing landscape, I gathered footage and sound, incorporating found reflective materials into my artwork.

The experience was enriched by the connections I made with other artists and musicians at the residency. My time in Iceland was unforgettable, from learning new skills to dedicated studio time and forming special friendships. Thank you, Fish Factory-Creative Centre, for this experience and Cork City Council for funding this opportunity.