Ben Provest

June 7, 2024.

Posted by Kris Madejski.

Ben Provest is a singer-songwriter with a passion for creating and performing heartfelt music. He has over 10 years of experience working in the music industry, and has performed his original music in the UK, Europe, Australia & the USA. He studied jazz guitar at The Victorian College of The Arts (2013-2015) & Contemporary Writing & Production at Berklee College of Music (2016-2019). While living in Los Angeles he worked for acclaimed film composer Christopher Young. Finally, he is a passionate educator and has been a guitar instructor on the platform Fender Play (2019-present), where he developed a lead guitar course. Ben is now focusing solely on his original music project and will be releasing a song each month for the rest of 2024.


My time at the Fish Factory was surreal, awe inspiring, and enriching in so many ways. From the breath taking views of the mountains that would morph with the changing light each day, to the heavy snow fall which would be followed by a bright sun, so warm that we could swim & lay on the rocks. It was a constantly evolving & exciting environment to be in. The friendship that formed between the group was extremely special, and it made the trip a pure joy to be on. We would cook dinners most nights together, each member of the house contributing a dish that they were excited to share. By the end of the residency both houses were coming together most nights for a family dinner as the bond became so strong with everyone getting along so well. This camaraderie was also present in the studio and helped shape the work that Michael & I created.

As a songwriter, there were times that I needed to disappear from the group and look inwards, and there was always a room or a walk that I could go on that would give me that solace. The facility itself was beautiful. The recording studio had views of the fjord, which gave it a feeling of light & warmth on even the coldest days. I was able to write, record & create music videos for my solo project, as well as create in a new collaborative way with my friend Michael. The music we created captured the surrounds & group dynamic beautifully. My time in Stöðvarfjörður was truly special, and I will cherish the memories from this residency forever.