Lia DeFranco

June 4, 2024.

Posted by Kris Madejski.

Lia DeFranco is a figurative painter based in New York City. During her residency at the Fish Factory, she explored the intriguing relationship between humans and insects, creating artworks that depict them in harmony. Her paintings often juxtapose the delicate intricacies of insects with human figures, highlighting a peaceful coexistence.


Additionally, Lia created a series of paintings that transformed mundane encounters with insects into surreal scenes featuring monstrous insectoid creatures. She finds this subject compelling as it blends the grotesque with the nostalgic, reminiscent of the pulpy illustrations on children’s horror book covers she grew up reading. This series aims to explore the dynamism and vulnerability associated with fear, capturing it as both a silly thrill and a hot shock.

Inspired by the serene landscape and simple way of living at the Fish Factory, Lia also produced paintings reflecting small, everyday moments. Her work from this period beautifully merges the ordinary with the extraordinary, offering viewers a glimpse into the quiet yet profound experiences of her time at the residency.