Emanda Percival

June 25, 2017.

Posted by Nisa Nur Sayan.

Emanda Percival, April 2017
Emanda Percival, May 2017

Emanda Percival is a writer from Australia who stayed with us two months in April & May 2017. She completed a Masters of Writing in 2013 and has since been continuing to refine her skills. She was first published in July 2015, with the vignette, The Corn – El Choclo, in both Vine Leaves Journal #15 and The Best of Vine Leaves Journal 2015. Her novel, Aunt Mulvernia, had the honour of reaching the 2014 shortlist for the Impress prize. As she writes, she likes to involve herself in the world at large. Exploring countries, cultures, art and science, all of which have strong influences on her life, artistic work and practice. She is also kept busy editing and reviewing other artist’s works, and teaching Arts Education with ‘Sculpture by the Sea,’ in Australia.

Emanda Percival, May 2017

Her writing is inspired by multiple interests (as can be expected with any artist), She enjoy exploring words and stories as they relate to music, visual arts, modern phenomena, and both natural and social sciences. She embraces the centuries old idea of studying multiple disciplines rather than just one with the express idea aim of exploring them through the creative arts, in particular writing, though she also dabble in the visual arts.

Artwork by Emanda Percival, May 2017

The concept and project She has been working on at the Fish Factory (and talk about in her interview), is inspired by the subjects of trigger memory, topophilia, and the release of 14 Carbon in rivers; then puzzling out how she might link them in narrative. You can find more detail about her project in the interview below.

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Check out the interview about her stay here:

Thank you, Emanda!